1. Quantity
We accept minimum orders of 72 pcs for each style of kippot.

2. Size
We measure kippot from left to right, over the top of kippah. For knitted and synthetic suede kippot, prices change according to size. For other kinds of kippot, prices are same for all sizes.

All sizes are in centimeters, 2.54 cm = 1 inch

3. Panels option
For kippot made of fabric materials, we provide 4-panel and 6-panel options. Both 4-panel or 6-panel have same well-defined shape, The 4-panel kippot have a larger space inside for printing. If you select 6 panels, ensure your inside printing is not too wide. Prices are same for both 4-panel and 6-panel designs.

4. Rim/edge/piping option
There are different names for rim, including edge, piping, trim and trimming. Not all kippot require a rim. For kippot that do have a rim, the default color is the same as the kippot, and there is no charge for this. For kippot with multiple colors, you may select one of those colors for the rim(at no charge), and must describe your color choice in the remarks box at the bottom of the ordering page. If you select a different color rim for the color(s) in the kippot, there is an extra charge of U$0.2 per kippah.

5. Double stitching option
You may select to have double stitching beside the seams, See the picture for an example of this. Double stitching will add U$0.25 charge for each kippah.

6. Lining color
Lining color is the color of inside/backside fabric. We use cotton linings, with the default color of white. There is no extra charge if you select a different color for your lining. If you have printing inside, consider how the ink color will look with the lining color.

7. Clips color
For all kippot orders, we provide free clips. Please select your preferred color of clips: gold, silver, black. Clips will be sent together with kippot.

8. Printings/Personalization
- Inside printing to personalize your kippot is offered free of charge
- When you order black lining, you may select to print inside on either a white or black label.
- Knitted kippot can only be printed inside on white/black label
- Suede kippot can only be printed inside directly
- If you want a font other than the models we provide, you may provide your own printing in image. You should upload your own printing in a jpg or png formatted file with at least 300 dpi resolution to ensure the picture is clear enough for printing.
- We will center all printing, and size the letters to fit within the kippah panel.

9. Initials/Logo Embroidery
A person's initials or a logo can be embroidered on the outside of the kippah and will add US $1.00 to the cost of each kippah. You may select a standard initial embroidery or upload your own logo. if you upload your own initial layout or logo, please use a jpg or png formatted file with at least 300 dpi resolution. If you upload a colorful logo, you may describe color detail we should be targeting in the remarks box at bottom of ordering page. We will determine the most appropriate size of the embroidered initials/logo, unless you ask for something more specific.

10. Remarks
You may add here any comments or details you would like to share with Elle's Studio about the order.

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